Warminster & District Skittles League

Rules 2016-2017





101. The League shall be called ‘The Warminster & District Skittles League.’

102. The objects of the League shall be to promote the interests of the game of skittles, to organise and carry out championships and competitive games between clubs in membership with the League, and to award trophies as may from time to time be determined.

103. The officers of the League shall be the president, vice-president, chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, gen. secretary, assistant general secretary and ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ Division secretaries.

104. The affairs of the League shall be managed by a committee of the officers and at least six elected members. The officers shall be ex-officio members of all committees, four, excluding officers, to form a quorum.

105. The officers and committee members shall be elected at the annual meeting, and shall hold office until the following annual meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election. The committee shall have power to fill any vacancies between the annual meetings. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairman at any meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

106. The annual meeting shall be held not later than the last week in June of each year. The meeting shall be convened by the secretary sending a notice stating a time and place to the registered address of each team secretary at least seven days before the date of the meeting. Two representatives from each team to have voting power.

107. Teams not sending at least one representative to the A.G.M. shall be fined 7 points at the start of the following season.

108. At the annual meeting the majority of the representatives of teams present shall have power to exclude for the following season any team whose conduct has in their opinion been objectionable or detrimental to the working of the league.

109. Upon a requisition supported by three of the committee, the secretary shall within 21 days convene a special meeting of the league. The committee shall have power to deal with any business at the meeting which may, in the opinion of two-thirds of those present, be considered as expedient without giving notice of another meeting.

110. All fixtures shall be made by one or more persons appointed by the committee for the purpose. The results of all matches with the full score and players’ names will be made out by both home and visiting teams. Home captains to forward both sheets to their division secretary within three days (postmark date acceptable) following the matches. 1 league point per week or part week late will be imposed for noncompliance.

111. A member of a club with more than one team, or a member of more than one club, shall be considered a member of the team for which he first plays in any season, for registration purposes. No player may play for more than one team until he has been transferred, and 25p shall be paid for each transfer, to be approved by the committee. No transfers will be permitted after 31st December in each season. No players shall be transferred from one team to another until any subscriptions or obligations he may owe to the first team have been settled.

112 Should a team have insufficient players at any match then one score may be taken each leg as being the same as the lowest individual score from both teams on that leg.

113. Teams playing illegal players will lose 5 points, also the scores of the illegal players shall be cancelled and the match points recalculated. The illegal player will then be disqualified from playing for any team for the remainder of the season.

114. Team subscription £60 per team payable to league treasurer at time of re-entry (or, for a new team, with application).

115. All league teams must confirm their renewal of membership for the next season to the general secretary within fourteen days of the date of the last league match (as published in the fixture book). Applications from new teams wishing to be considered for election to the league to be forwarded to the general secretary at least 7 days before the AGM.

116. Teams to be responsible for all perpetual cups and trophies awarded to them and their players. These to be returned by 1st May following presentation or else a £5 re-engraving charge will be made.



201. Each team shall play one home and one away match with every other team in their division. Teams shall consist of eight players, five legs to be played in each match. One point shall be awarded for each leg and a further two points for the aggregate.

202. All matches shall commence at 8.30 p.m. Players arriving after the first leg has been completed but before the second is completed shall be allowed to play for the remainder of the game. Teams not having eight players by the end of the second leg shall play with only those members then present. Teams with less than six players to be fined seven points and game shall be rearranged. All players shall be not less than 16 years of age.

203. All matches must be played on approved alleys with standard balls and pins to be paid for by the league.

204. The width of the diamond shall be four feet, from front to back and side to side, that is to outside edge of pin spots. The diamond to have a minimum 1 inch line around. The delivery line shall be 31 feet from front pin spot, except that there shall be a minimum distance of 8ft. from this line to the back of the alley. A player’s foot must not cross or touch the delivery line until the ball is dead.

205. The home team captain shall toss to decide which team starts the match, the visiting team captain to toss to decide which team starts the final leg.

206. Pins on the alley shall be still in play, even if off the diamond, until they have either ceased rolling or have struck an obstruction such as the ‘cush’. Pins standing anywhere inside the diamond shall be still in play, any pins left standing outside the diamond shall count as ‘down’.

207. Pins knocked down by a no ball or one that has struck the side of the alley before entering the diamond not to count, and shall not be put up again.

208. In no circumstances should a player be allowed to play his/her 5 legs before commencement of a match..

209. All matches to be played on alley of first named team on date specified.

210. Games shall be re-arranged within 3 days of postponement and shall be played within 14 days or 7 days of the last scheduled league match whichever is the sooner, on a neutral alley if necessary. Captain of defaulting team shall be responsible for re-arranging the match and informing divisional secretary of the change that night. In the event of teams failing to agree upon a date when the postponed game shall be played the committee shall deal with the matter as they think fit. Failure to comply with this rule may result in loss of points by defaulting team and same added to opponents’ total, and in addition a fine may be imposed by the committee.

211. The team gaining the highest number of points each season in their division shall hold the particular trophy for one year. In the event of a tie on points, there shall be a play-off arranged by the committee.

212. The A Division only will play that the front pin must be struck first and subsequently floored by that ball before any pin will count. Non counting pins will not be replaced in the event of a spare. All pins floored by a spare ball to count.


301. All cup matches to be played on alley of first named team on date specified except in exceptional circumstances. General Secretary to be informed of proposed alterations. Semi-finals and finals to be on alleys arranged by the committee.

302. The winners shall hold the cup for one year and shall be responsible to the League for its safety. The winners and runners-up shall receive trophies.

303. No players shall be allowed to play for more than one team in any competition.

304. In the event of a tie in any cup match extra leg/legs to be played to decide winners.

305. Any team not represented for any finals evening (i.e. silver pin, wooden spoon or any team final) shall forfeit 7 points at the start of the following season.

306. Any team not represented or with insufficient players at the Wooden Spoon match shall not be eligible for that trophy.



311. All players must have played in at least 75% of all league games in a season to qualify for consideration for: ‘The Average Pin,’ ‘The Ladies’ Average Cup’ and ‘The Chris Easton Plate’.

312. The Highest Score cups are open to all league skittlers.

313. In the event of a tie for any of these trophies, the said trophy to be shared by the winners.



This is a ‘front pin first’ competition, i.e. pins knocked down whilst front pin is still standing do not count and are not stood up again in case of spare. Once front pin has been removed any strike to count. All pins knocked down by a spare ball to count. Result of match on total pins.



All matches to be played on points basis (one point per leg plus two points for team with highest aggregate score), as for league matches.









321. The competitions to be open to all teams playing in the Warminster and District Skittles League.

322. The highest number of pins knocked down to win.

323. The games shall be that the player shall nominate the pin he intends to strike. Should a ball not hit the nominated pin but clears other pins on the frame those pins to remain down for that leg, but not to count and not to be put up in case of a spare. Should a ball hit the nominated pin but not floor same, those pins knocked down not to count and not be put up again for that leg.

324. Players in this competition must nominate as the diagram below shows.

Back Pin

Back Left 1⁄4    Back Right 1⁄4


Outside Left    Centre Pin    Outside Right


Front Left 1⁄4    Front Right 1⁄4


Front Pin

325. In all other matters the rules of the league shall govern the competition.



331. Entrance fee of £1 per player for these competitions payable with entry.

332. Players to be drawn in groups for elimination evening and be available from the start time specified on the fixture sheet.

333. Each player or pair to throw five legs, taken in turn as per a normal league game. The highest scoring players to go through to the finals night, the number of players to qualify to depend upon entry numbers and the number of venues required.

334. Sixteen players plus eight pairs to go forward to the finals.

335. Five legs to be thrown in the finals, with the highest scoring player or pair to win the competition.

336. In the event of a tie extra leg(s) to be played between players concerned.

337. Substitutes shall be allowed in these cups provided that

a) the original player/s has not played any matches.

b) the substitute has not otherwise entered the competition.

Having played no further substitution shall be allowed.


401. The committee shall have the power to impose the penalty of a reduction of league points on any team breaching the league rules.

402. Any protest or dispute shall be dealt with by the committee, whose decision shall be final.

403. All matters arising not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the committee as they deem fit.

404. The above rules can only be amended or rescinded at an annual meeting of the league, and notice of such must be sent to the league secretary by proposer, and seconded by two other teams, in writing four clear days before such meeting.