USHER CUP Quarter-Finals
All Matches to be played week commencing Monday 16th March
Fortress Crusaders V Rockets Monday 16th March
Labour Club Strugglers V Conservative B Tuesday 17th March
Prestganged V Codford Cowboys Thursday 19th March
Wandering All Stars V Livin on a Spare Thursday 19th March
USHER CUP Third Round
All Matches played week commencing Monday 10th February
Alley Cats 154-191 Codford Cowboys
Labour Club Strugglers 217-204 Cricket Club Cobras
Livin on a Spare 177-128 Moonrakers
PB Pirates 202-205 Fortress Crusaders
Con Artists 134-168 Wandering All Stars
Prestganged 200-178 Capon Cocks
Conservative B 256-190 Blockbusters
Wanderers 180-190 Rockets
USHER CUP Second Round
All Matches played week commencing Monday 9th December
Organics 137-180 Alley Cats
Wanderers w/o 1-0 Organ Grinders
Cock-ups 165-198 Capon Cocks
Labour Club Strugglers 202-192 Fairies
Spare-Timers 144-190 PB Pirates
One Trick Ponies 169-191 Livin on a Spare
Rockets 176-133 Moonies
Tascroft Jockeys w/o 0-1 Blockbusters
Four + Four 156-182 Cricket Club Cobras
Prestganged 199-155 Nutters
Wandering All Star 173-108 Codford Casual
Codford Cowboys 193-185 Crown Jewels
Conservative B 236-151 Exiles
Warminster Gas 141-159 Moonrakers
Chapmanslade 158-172 Con Artists
BYES Fortress Crusaders
USHER CUP First Round
All Matches played week commencing Monday 21st October 2019
Organ Grinders 176-151 Organ Donors
Alley Cats 166-157 Contraband
Chapmanslade w/o 1-0 Poachers
Deverill Boys 172-259 Cricket Club Cobras
Drifters 138-176 Capon Cocks
Exiles w/o 1-0 PA Foxes
Hunters 105-213 One Trick Ponies
Prestbury Sportbar 179-196 Fortress Crusaders
Rockets 203-164 Royals
Royal Keys 161-165 Four + Four
Wanderers 196-159 Tribesmen
YoYo’s 138-167 Nutters
Crossovers 117-148 Spare-Timers
Moonrakers 157-112 Rugby Club Bombers
Perky Pins 126-130 Crown Jewels
Polsten Hils 196-213 Fairies
Prestganged 195-178 Getaways
Triards 185-208 Labour Club Strugglers
Wandering All Star 146-118 Foxy’s Mishits
Blockbusters 176-132 Bell Enders
Cock Inn 172-199 Livin on a Spare
Codford Cowboys 223-166 Rotex
Conservative B 217-104 Stargazers
Hermits w/o 0-1 Organics
Moonies 180-129 Alisons Allsorts
PB Pirates 164-131 Conservative A
Warriors 158-168 Con Artists
BYES Cock Ups, Codford Casuals, Tascroft Jockeys, Warminster Gas