Somershire is a fictitious county in the south west of England.

OO9 & OO Gauge Model Railway

Set very approximately in the 1970s

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Wisteria Collop
Visit 'Wisteria Collop' OO9 Exhibition Layout
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The Railways of Somershire

Mainline - BR
To the south of the county is the mainline from London to Penzance through the country town of Foxton.

Branchline - BR
There is a line that runs from Foxton in the south of the county to the port of Ozbridge in the north. Before the ‘Beeching Axe’ fell in the early 1960s the line boasted twelve stations. On 5th November 1964 the last trains ran through Ayling; Ford; Merton; Vaddish; Thone; Maesbro; Feebe and Spall. Leaving just Foxton South; Foxton Central; Gasford Priory and Ozbridge.

Narrow Gauge – SLR
The line was originally built to transport the world famous Purple Bee Wine made by the monks at Gasford Priory up to Ozbridge Port for onward transprotation to the world.
With the decline in monks and purple bees very little of the wine is now transported by the railway. The line remains active as a passenger line serving the towns and villiges to the eastern edge of Somershire. The line runs from Gasford Priory calling at Ayling; Wisteria Collop; Woodside; Nandine Jasey; Feebe; Orson Farcer and Ozbridge Port